Active Employee Benefits

Your Benefits at a Glance

The State of Rhode Island offers a competitive benefits package, but there may be a lot of programs and services of which you aren't aware. Explore the full scope of benefits below and see which programs may be right for you.

If you are an employee at URI, RIC, or CCRI: Your benefits may be different from what is presented here. Please see your college/university website (URI, RIC, CCRI) or visit your HR office for information regarding your benefits.

How do I choose a plan?

Not sure which plans to choose for you and your family? Here's some help:

How do I enroll?

Visit the follow links for guidance on when and how you can enroll in or change your State benefits.

Going on worker’s compensation leave or personal illness leave?

Visit the Leave Without Pay (LWOP) page for important information about keeping your benefits active when you are not receiving a paycheck.