Dental & Vision Coverage


The dental and vision coverage you have as an active State employee is available to retirees only through COBRA for up to 18 months. After 18 months, you will have to purchase dental and vision coverage on the open market.

Coverage Details

COBRA (up to 18 months)

The dental and vision plans offered to you through COBRA will be the same plans you had as an active employee immediately prior to retirement. For example, if you are enrolled in Anchor Dental Plus as an active employee immediately prior to retirement, you will be offered COBRA Anchor Dental Plus as a retiree (NOT Anchor Dental or Anchor Dental Platinum).

See the active employee Dental and Vision pages for plan details. See the active employee COBRA page for plan premiums.

Beyond COBRA

  • You can obtain dental and vision coverage on the open market
  • Via Benefits offers dental and vision coverage policies
  • HealthSource RI offers dental plans (to RI residents only)
  • For dental services, also consider using Chewsi, a free dental app that can help you save money on out-of-pocket dental care.


COBRA continuation coverage is available for all retiring State employees that had active State Employee Health Plan coverage at the time of their retirement.

Beyond COBRA

Check with your open market plan provider for any eligibility requirements.


After you terminate active employment, a COBRA notice will be mailed to you by the State’s COBRA administrator (Workterra) with enrollment instructions.

Beyond COBRA

COBRA Monthly Premiums

Please see the Active Employee COBRA page for plan premiums.

Premiums for Coverage Beyond COBRA

Please contact your open market plan provider for premium rates.


For enrollment and billing inquiries, please contact Workterra:

For coverage inquiries, please contact Delta Dental and/or VSP:

Beyond COBRA